Birth of our owners watch trading career.


The birth of Watches of Henley St brand and website.


Watches Of Henley St increases stock and displays within 50 Henley St Jewellers.


Watches of Henley St redesigns their website and becomes active on social media.

Watches of Henley St are based in the Midlands, retailing used luxury watches for over 10 years. Henley Street, the birthplace of William Shakespeare is our home and our sister jewellery shop has been around for the last 25 years.With contacts and suppliers from the United Kingdom and across Europe we have had the ability to ensure our customers have received the best price and the exact watch they want. We only sell luxury and trusted watches as that is what we specialise in and always will do.

We are a small boutique reaching all customers in the United Kingdom, from Northern Ireland(we love jetting over to you) to London(we like the queen too). All our stock is on our website although we cannot guarantee that is always up to date. If a watch is out of stock that you like, we can always try and find an exact model or a close as possible match, typically within 7 working days.

Are returns free?

Yes, within 14 days.

Do you offer warranty on your watches?

Yes, each watch will have either a 1 or 2 year warranty.

Do you offer finance?

Yes, we are authorised to introduce you to our finance partner Kandoo – you get the cash and pay us directly allowing you to get best price possible! If you have applied and have intention to purchase one of our watches, please let us know straight away once you’re accepted.

Can I visit you?

We request that if you want to view a specific watch you contact us before hand. Our watches are either displayed at a showroom in Stratford Upon Avon or held securely in the Jewellery Quarter ready for your appointment. You can arrange a viewing by getting in touch. We have premises in Stratford upon Avon and the Jewellery Quarter.

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